Winemaking – Art & Science

We prefer to march to the beat of our own drummer and believe that the “minimal” interventionalist mentality doesn’t quite suit our winemaker’s actual enological idiosyncrasies. He is more involved with the winemaking process but respects the development processes that the wines need to undergo to “let them grow as individuals”. We like to coin the term that he operates with a mentality of a “thoughtful interventionist” by managing our wines with a level of consistency and thoroughness that is indicative of a professional that understands the craft and yet belies a level restraint to allow the wine to mature and acquire its own personality. We regularly sample the wines through their various stages of their lives and intently scrutinize them so that we can make the best possible decisions for each wine. There are times that he will make determinations to call for minor corrective adjustments so that the wine can be on track to represent us and our exceptionally high standards. This level of intent underscores our winemaker’s passion to only want the best for each and every one of our wines year after year so that our customers get nothing short of an excellent wine in every bottle of Kinetic Cellars’s wine.