More than wine. A movement.

When choosing a wine, you’ll find thousands of bottles on the shelf. Yet their labels all read remarkably the same. The same grapes, the same craft, the same approach.

Kinetic is a young cellar, putting fresh energy into an old and distinguished craft. Not just as an artisanal craft winery, but offering a new experience with every bottle and every glass. For we venerate the neglected fruit of Iberia and the Mediterranean, making them the foundation of everything we produce.

So while we adhere to the traditions of winemaking, we revive what has been forgotten. And awaken your palate to new possibilities at the very same time.

Forgotten fruits. Unforgettable experience.

The pulling of the cork, the bouquet of something surprising. Delight in the first savoring of that which is completely new.

If you truly love wine, you love discovery. Which means you’ll love the experience we deliver in every bottle. It’s no accident, but the product of intentional winemaking, a philosophy brought forth through the alchemy of passion and knowledge.

That’s why we choose varieties that are both distinctive and uncommon, for an experience that is distinctive and uncommon. Those are the fruits of bravery, of choosing a completely different path.

Winemaking: Art and science.

To be fair, the process of fermentation is the same, regardless of what bottle you pluck from the shelf. The only differences are those of time and grape, of attentiveness and care.

Yet those differences are not trivial. They make the difference between a memorable glass and just another ho-hum pour.

We trust the fruit. We do not worry the grape with endless tinkering. We remain thoughtful in how we intervene throughout its fermentation, allowing it to bloom into its fullest glory.

That’s because patience and restraint is as important as the grapes we choose. The results are wines that have been allowed to grow as individuals—not as part of just another homogenized brand. You’ll discover the merits of our approach with your very first glass.

Farming: From vine to wine.

The better the grape, the better the foundation. A good bottle of wine literally begins from the ground up.

Our grower is as serious about farming as we are about winemaking, adhering to the Lodi Rules practices for sustainability and quality. That means balancing water conservation, ecosystem balance, biodiversity. Building soil quality, limiting pesticides and herbicides, and insisting on the highest quality standards for grapes.

So not only do you enjoy the special quality of Spanish and Portuguese varieties, in addition to customary French grapes. You also enjoy knowing that generations to come will celebrate at tables of their own.  Because we celebrate the heritage of wine while keeping a careful eye towards its future.