Farming for Fine Wines

Our grower fastidiously adheres to the Lodi Rules farming practices. These rules specifically involve growers in the Lodi AVA but have actually set the tone to the larger movement of sustainable farming practices in grape growing so that we can continue to enjoy wine for generations to come. They involve fundamental aspects to agriculture such as water conservation, ecosystem balance, encouraging biodiversity, building soil quality, limiting pesticides and herbicides, and maintaining high quality standards for their grapes. He has been growing a variety of grapes for decades and has taken it upon himself to demonstrate the merits of the Spanish and Portuguese varieties in addition to the French grapes that people more easily recognize. These grapes are grown just north of the small town of Galt which is about an half hour south of Sacramento. The grower’s ranches are located in the Alta Mesa AVA which is one of the seven sub-AVAs (American Viticultural Area) inside the greater Lodi AVA.